We are not taking in anymore rescues at this time.

West Coast Rottweiler Rescue is dedicated to helping dogs in the shelter systems in British Columbia Canada. We are a small home based rescue that does not have a shelter but rather uses foster homes. All dogs are completely vetted before adoptions are final. This includes the basics like vaccines and spay/neuters. But it also includes making sure that the animals are as healthy as they can possibly be. For many that is only the basics. But for some, it means surgeries or physical therapy, or special medicines. While we focus mainly on Rottweiler’s or Rottweiler crosses, we also assist large breed dogs in need. We do not accept owner surrenders. We encourage people to find a home for their animal on their own. We can offer suggestions, but that is all. We also do not bring dogs in from outside of Canada. While there are many dogs worldwide that need (and deserve) help, we find it important to work within our home base. People would like to tell you that we don’t euthanize dogs in shelters but the reality is that we do euthanize every single day. And until the dogs in British Columbia and the rest of Canada are safe, we will not bring dogs from the south. Please, look thru the website. See what we do and how we do it. Join us in making the world a better place for those with no voice.