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June 2, 2014
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September 10, 2014



We thought we had a forever home for our little girl Tansi but the timing wasn’t right.  So we are on the search again for  a home for this little one.  She is 2 1/2 yrs old but quite petite.
Tansi has turned into a fun loving girl.  She is no longer  afraid and while she can still bark and whine at new experiences  over all she had gained confidence.  Tansi would do best in a home with another dog.   And has lived with cats and children (over 10) in the past.
Tansi still needs an active owner.  Someone that will take the time to teach her the world is a wonderful place.  She responds best to positive training and loves to use her brain. She has great focus and bonds quickly with her family.   Tansi is currently being fostered in Surrey BC.  If you would like an application to meet her please contact us at

Tansi was adopted from West Coast Rottweiler Rescue as a pup.  We thought we had placed her in a home that would love and provide for her for her entire life.  But sadly we were wrong.  Tansi is now 2 1/2 yrs old, about 50 lbs and no longer a cute little puppy.  While she is a great dog, she is also very insecure and will need a patient loving owner to build her confidence.  Tansi whines when she is unsure and she is unsure alot.
This poor girl needs some work on her leash skills so she doesn’t pull, she needs confidence building and training and would do great in tracking, nosework, or even agilty.  She has energy to spare and needs a family that can keep up with her.

Tansi has lived with cats, and dogs and even older children and done well.   She would not do well in a home where someone is gone all day unless there was a plan in place to give her some play time.  Tansi is house trained and crate trained.  She is up to date on her vaccines and will make a great addition to any home.   Please contact us at to fill out an application to meet our great girl.