Jake comes back to us
July 13, 2015
August 16, 2015

We love the folks at Countryside Kennels and we work together with them when we are able.
Berlin is a great boy.  This is what they say about him

Berlin has come into our shelter, and his previous owners did not come to look for him. It really is their loss though, since Berlin is very lovable. He’s just a big lovebug!! His bee-hind rarely stops moving and if he had a tail it would be non stop wagging. He can be a bit vocal but mainly because he wants all the attention to himself. He can be selective with his choice of doggy friends, so he would do best as the only dog in the house. He definitely deserves to be treated like a Prince in his new home, and we will settle for nothing less! Berlin is still an active fellow, and enjoys walks or running in our play yard. He can be a real ham running around with his toys. He always enjoys a good roll in the grass too!
Please contact Countryside Kennels to meet this great boy

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