Berlin is at Countryside Kennels
July 14, 2015
Frank is now Bandit – Adopted
October 26, 2015

Roxie has now been adopted

This was Roxy’s first day in her foster home

Roxy is a very small girl at only approximately 45 lbs
Roxy is listed as special needs but her disability does not slow her down. She was hit by a car several years ago and while there isn’t any broken bones, there is neurological damage. And while we did originally consider amputating her leg, we have rethought that position. You see. Roxy may not be weight bearing on that leg but she does use it. As you can see from one of the video‚Äôs she scratches the door to get in using her damaged leg. She also uses it when she runs. Roxy is one of those dogs that just steals everyone’s heart. She is friendly.
She is outgoing. She is good with other dogs but does chase cats.
Roxy is about 6 – 7 yrs old. and while she isn’t that cute little puppy there is still lots of life left in this girl.



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