August 16, 2015
Lucy 2 Adopted
October 26, 2015

Frank is part of a litter that has come to us from the Vancouver Island.  We are not sure of his/their heritage.  There may be some rottweiler.  There may be some shar pei.   There may be some bernese.  But we do know they are adorable MUTTS. We will only adopt in B.C.  If you are interested in adopting, please contact us via

This little beefcake is Frank! He loves exploring the outside world and finding new things to chase. Frank likes to jump first and think about it second, he’s definitely up for any adventure. But don’t let his manly side scare you, he loves his cuddle time (he prefers to be the little spoon). Frank is great in his crate providing he gets his workout in first so he’s ready to nap. He sleeps all night long without any protest. He’s met a lot of new people, even kids and loves them all. Frank is living with a cat and shows no interest in him.