Frank is now Bandit – Adopted
October 26, 2015
Mr. Orange is now Gus and he is ADOPTED
October 26, 2015

Lucy is part of a litter that has come to us from the Vancouver Island.  We are not sure of his/her heritage.  There may be some rottweiler.  There may be some shar pei.   There may be some bernese.  But we do know they are adorable MUTTS.  We will only adopt in B.C.  If you are interested in adopting, please contact us via

This little sweetheart is Lucy! She loves her people and wants to be with them as much as possible. She can sometimes protest a little bit but quickly settles down. Lucy loves her outdoor time almost as much as she loves her cuddle time. Her ideal day is chewing on a bone laying on her people’s feet occasionally untying their shoelaces. She loves her crate for nap-time and often goes in there for a quick nap throughout the day. She loves meeting new people and even likes cats but her true love is to sneak up and jump on her sleeping brother and then run away!

Lucy 2