Mr. Orange is now Gus and he is ADOPTED
October 26, 2015
Buddy is looking for a new home
May 6, 2016

Red is part of a litter that has come to us from the Vancouver Island.  We are not sure of his/their heritage.  There may be some rottweiler.  There may be some shar pei.   There may be some bernese.  But we do know they are adorable MUTTS. We will only adopt in B.C.  If you are interested in adopting, please contact us via

No matter how how big he is, Big Red is still not sure about the world.  He is not fearful, just shy and is slow to try new things.  Having said that, he loves to play and unless you are familiar with the sounds puppies make, he could fool you into thinking that something bad is happening.  Big Red is always up for a cuddle, and thinks that belly rubs are wonderful.  He will need a confident owner that is going to show him the ropes.  And he would do best in a home with another dog