October 26, 2015
Brew has come in from the cold
October 1, 2016


Our Buddy is a hoot.   If you’re not ready to play he will just start without you.
There must be someone out there  that is looking for a great dog that just needs a little work.   We have started Bud on Nosework and as we thought, he loves it.

A chance to use his brain as well as his body.   And after a weekend of camping we can say, Bud is a water dog.  He loves to swim.
And Buddy loves to play with his toys

buddy6Our boy Bud is now ready to find his new home.  We know so much more about him now.
Bud really is good in the house.   He knows to wait to be asked for access to the furniture.  He is quiet and does well if left alone (we do still crate sometimes)   And he loves people.
Bud is getting better at greeting new people as long as it is a calm greeting.  He still needs lots of work on his leash manners but he is doing much better

The ideal home for Bud would be an active family with older children who can stand his rough and tumble style.  While Bud does NOT guard his food or toys from humans, he does guard them around other dogs.  Because of this it might be a good idea for Bud to be the only dog in the home.
We love having Bud around.  He is affectionate, playful and smart.  Bud is always ready to go out and about but he once he has had his fill, he is quick to relax on the couch and watch the movie with you (as long as there is popcorn involved)
Contact us to see about adopting Bud.  You won`t be sorry

May 6th:This sweet boy has just come into our care and we will be taking applications for him. He is a rottweiler something cross.   Up north they can be mixed with  anything.
Buddy is about 18 months – 2 yrs old and weighs about 75 lbs.   He is clean in the house, crate trained, neutered and up to date on his vaccines.  He is an active boy that always wants to be by your side.  Buddy5

Buddy would do ok as an only dog .  He hasn’t had much in the way of training but does have a pretty solid sit.  But because of his exuberance for life, we don’t think he is a great fit for small children.  He would knock them down.
Buddy really needs some basic training and we would be glad to help with that.  He pulls on leash, and trys to jump on people when he first meets them.  He means no harm but is just so happy about life he forgets his manners.
Buddy would not be suitable for a house with small creatures (including cats) as he does have some prey drive.

If you are interested in meeting Buddy, please email us for an application