Buddy is looking for a new home
May 6, 2016
Pictures with Santa
October 1, 2016

This is the face I first saw.   Brutus as he was called, was wet and he looked tired.  He moved slowly and with difficulty.


I almost never take owner surrenders but because of this guys health, I knew he never would have made it out of our local shelter alive.  And his owner didn’t want him to spend another winter outside.

In my opinion, no dog should live outside, but different cultures have different beliefs and at least we were contacted about it at just the right time.  We didn’t have a dog in care and we had the space and the time to look after him

We have shortened the name to Brew.  Or Brewster if we are all feeling playful.  Brew has been with us for 1 week (this is Sept 30th).  This is the first week Brew has lived in a house.   He is 4.5. yrs old, a neutered male.  He has a few manners but not many.  But far more important then manners is Brew’s health.   About a yr ago he HAD what the vets think is Fibrocartilagenous Embolism. http://www.avsspecialists.com/client-resources/articles/fibrocartilagenous-embolism-fce/    It was serious enough that Brew has never really recovered from it.  He continues to be very lame on the right side.  The front right leg is completely atrophied and Brew’s brain has no idea where his right rear leg is.  It is much like a stroke in a human.  When it happened his owner did take him for some physio therapy but they stopped after awhile.
We have decided to restart that in an effort to see if Brew can gain more mobility.  As it is now, he can walk but only for short distances.  He can not manage stairs and must be on a carpeted area at all times or he simply goes down.  At 116 lbs, its very hard to get him up again.  We have had our first couple of sessions at Boundray Bay Specialty Hospital.  We will know in a month or so how much if any Brewster will improve.  But for now, it is what it is and we will help him in any way that we can.

brew-5 brew4



Brew has been with us for a week.   His vet bill is already over $800.00.  If you think you can help, please send the donation to https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/west-coast-rottweiler-rescue/

I don’t often plead for money.  But Brew’s care will be long term and expensive.