March 15, 2013
I just had a very interesting conversation with someone about Kane and how fearful he is. They wondered why we would take the time and energy to help him when there are other dogs more stable and more adoptable then he is.
If you have read this page for more then a day you know that Kane is a work in progress. And I have had my doubts about placing him locally. I sometimes think that the country life would be a better life. But no matter where he goes, he will need help with his fear issues. Yesterday it was a plane. Tomorrow it might be something else. But here is the deal……:)
When we brought him home, it took 20 minutes to get him in the truck. it took almost 5 hrs for him to sit down and relax. It took 24 hrs for him to drink water or eat. and then he would only do it outside. It took 2 weeks before I saw joy in his eyes. It was 3 weeks before he attempted to play. and now at 4 weeks, he gets the zoomies. We take 3 steps forward and 1 back. We see great progress and then we see him relapse. But with every time he goes thru a fear and comes out the other end, he gets better.
Kane is the kind of dog that really needs rescue. He would never make it out of the shelter on his own. Because he just ran and hid anytime anything new happened. Today he barked at the door. That was a huge step. he didn’t run he didn’t hide, he went right to the person and greeted them.
Kane is not going to be an easy dog to place. And thats ok. There is a home somewhere for him. That home will give him the time he needs to grow more confident, more secure in his surroundings and to know that he is loved and safe. I don’t know if that home will come tomorrow or next week nor next month. but I do know that there is that family out there that can help him on the next part of his journey.