Why we do what we do
January 23, 2013
April 26, 2013

West Coast Rottweiler Rescue has always tried to be there for the dogs that need us the most. It’s been a matter of pride for us that we can sometimes reach out to other shelters and help. We did that with Scamp. North West Animal Shelter took in a crippled little puppy and gave him a chance to live long enough to start to recover. WCRR reached out to them and Scamp and brought him down here to see what we could accomplish with a little more in the way of rehab. There are so many great vets in Vancouver and so many wonderful opportunities for dogs to excel. Swimming and acupuncture, laser therapy, and chiropractic treatments. None of this means that NWAS or their vets aren’t wonderful . It simply means we have more options here. Scamp has thrived and will continue with his rehab until we know just how far he can go.
Scamp has a sister. Pepper. She came into the care of NWAS just after Scamp did. But she contracted Parvo. It is a horrible disease that destroys animals. But she fought and NWAS fought with her. And it looked like Pepper was on the road to recovery. She went into a foster to adopt home and they love her to bits. But the parvo had taken a toll on this sweet puppy and she didn’t thrive the way she should have. Again, NorthWest Animal Shelter and their vets tried everything they knew to help but Pepper continued to get sick. She is loosing weight and getting weaker and weaker. Today after a flurry of emails WCRR has asked that Pepper be sent down here on the coast to see if there are perhaps more options here for her. We don’t know if she will make it. We only know we want to try. And we are grateful to NWAS, their vets and the foster home. It must be so hard on everyone to ship this sweet little girl off to the unknown. We pledge to do everything in our power to help Pepper recover. We ask that you keep this sweetheart in your prayers. We will post pictures and updates once Pepper has seen our vet.