April 26, 2013
April 26, 2013

March 20 update.
Luke loves kids. He has been around children between 20 months and 12 yrs old. the kids are teaching him to jump over garden rakes and various other tricks. He loves the cats. Luke does bark at people and we are trying to curb this but he is very proud of his big dog bark! He does well off leash and comes when called and knows sit and down. He is getting better in the crate but still sleeps under the bed We are working on leash manners and take him as many places ( he jumps into the Jeep) as we can to introduce him to new things. He isn’t afraid of anything including the vacuum.
This young man has just come into care with his sister and brother. They are apparently Rottweiler, Dobie, Australian Shepherd crosses. They are only 16 weeks old and are learning about proper house manners. If you are interested in adopting them you must contact us for an adoption application, allow us to do a home visit and check references. Luke will be available for adoption once he has been neutered