April 26, 2013
June 18, 2013

Today I took Hope to see the surgeon and all is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And so we have decided to make official.
Hope is now adopted by the best people in the world!

Mark and Susan have gone that extra mile to make sure that Hope was safe in their home.  they love her.  she loves them.  its a match made in heaven.


Nov 22/13    Adoption Pending

Another miracle dog for West Coast Rottweiler Rescue. Hope had been hit by a car in her home town in the Cariboo and her owners were not able to afford the care. Hope was signed over to the local spca and while they kept her in foster care for a while, they contacted us in hopes that we could help her. It was originally thought that she only needed hip surgery on one side. But further x-rays showed that both her hips were damaged and her pelvis was not strong enough to hold them.
At this time we simply do not know if we can fix Hope. Her injuries might just be too bad. But here is what we do know.
Hope is a happy playful pup that is not in any pain. She gently plays with her foster brother and loves people. She is your typical puppy that is into everything and can be destructive if not supervised. We are looking for either a foster home or a forever home for her. She will need someone that is home more often than not, is able to take her for leashed walks, watch her weight and take her for vet appointments when necessary. Until we know exactly what is going on with Hope we will keep her in our care. If you were ever wondering about fostering a dog now is the perfect time. Please contact us at for an application. Hope needs a placement in the lower mainland so we can monitor her care.


Oct 17/13

How the months have flown.   Hope has had her surgery and we are looking at ways to raise the $6100.00 it cost to do the total hip replacement.  We know so much more about Hope then we did before.  She is an active, happy girl that will need an experienced owner that can take Hope places and teach her all about life.  She will not be ready to leave our care for at least another 6 weeks.   It will take at least that long before we really know how the new hip has worked for her.  But here is how she is doing now.
SleepingHere she is trying to sleep in the day of her surgery.    LOL


This is what they have put in her leg.   The vet also had to use some bone graph paste to rebuild the hip socket as that was also cracked

RecoveryHere is our little girl with her Comfy Cone on.  As you can see, we have attached an x-pen to her wire crate.  This is where and how Hope will live for the next 6 weeks while her hip heals.  We have made it big enough that she can move alittle but she can’t jump or run.  There is also a chair inside so we can spend time giving her some attention.  It is so hard on pups this young to have to stay quiet for this long.

Update on Hope.
There is an adoption PENDING