June 18, 2013
June 18, 2013

It is with the saddest of hearts that we have let Rosie pass. She was put to sleep in the arms of her foster mom.  Rosie fought the good fight but she was tired and it was time to release her.  Fly free sweet baby.
Ready to have your heart broken? Rosie is the one to do that.
We were contacted by a shelter in the southern interior about a pup that was not adoptable in their system. They really weren’t sure we would help but special needs dogs is what we do best. And Rosie certainly is special needs. Rosie has a fairly rare disease called polycystic disease. It attacks the dog’s kidneys. There is no known cause nor any cure. It is basically a death sentence for the dog.
We have taken Rosie to all the specialists and they all say the same thing. Keep her happy and let her live whatever life she has. We have put her on supplements, a low protein diet and some meds to support her kidney function but all of this is really means very little. Rosie is about 7 months old as I write this and the specialists don’t think she will make a year.
But no one has told Rosie this. She is in love with life, shows no real signs of slowing down, has a good appetite and other then a little peeing in the house, acts like any normal puppy.
Rosie is in a forever foster home. They will love her and care for her and be there for her for the balance of that life.
This is what rescue is. We can take in healthy dogs and find them homes and we do that often. But our hearts are pulled by those dogs that have no other options. The dogs like Rosie that would have been put down right away rather than allowing her to live life to the fullest for whatever time she has. Rosie is what rescue is about.
If you would like to help with her (or any of the other dogs we have in care) needs please donate using the CanadaHelps button.