June 18, 2013
June 19, 2013


Hannah is a confident and outgoing pup who loves to cuddle!. She is very smart and willing to please, gets along well with other dogs and is good with cats! She can be a bit bossy when it comes to the big dogs stealing her toys and will stand her ground and bark and sometimes is able to steal the toy back due to her determination (not an easy task) Therefore, proper socialization and obedience training is a must for this little gal. Like her sister, Hannah does not like to be separated from her people and has learned how to climb over baby gates and puppy pens! Usually leaving her little sister alone behind her! Teaching her to stay on her own for short periods is a must for Hannah. Therefore she would benefit by being with someone who is not gone for long periods of time until she learns how to be on her own. Like her sister, Hannah is excellent walking on leash, and loves meeting new friends. She has already gone on a couple of short adventures , off with one of the neighbourhood teenagers to meet his family. Apparently she was a perfect little guest, stealing the hearts of everyone she met! Hannah is most likely going to grow up to be a fairly large dog so would do best with someone who has had previous experience with big dogs so as help her on her way to being an awesome adult dog!
If you are interested in adopting Hanna please send us an email