June 18, 2013
October 2, 2013


Hermione seems to be taking on the temperament of her namesake of the Harry Potter Series. She is a confident little puppy that is full of fun and mischief, but can also be a bit shy at times. Hermione gets along well with other dogs and good with cats. Hermione loves to go for walks and is especially good on leash for a puppy her age. She will trot along beside you, sometimes taking the leash in her mouth, but for now just wants to help hold onto it. She has not yet started with the “tug of war” game that most pups like to play. She is a friendly and outgoing when meeting and greeting people along the way! Hermione is going to need someone who is home most of the time so she can learn properly how to be on her own. She does not like to be separated from her human family and will cry, bark and howl when left, even with her sister to keep her company. Although she has not yet learned how to climb like her sister, she will try to wiggle her way through any opening she can find to aid in her escape plan! .Stuffed kongs, chew toys and soft things to cuddle up with will help to distract her from engaging in inappropriate behaviour due to separation anxiety! Hermione’s favourite activity though is to snuggle on your lap and she will happily snooze away the time as long as she has the company of her “human”! With the right guidance Hermione is going to grow up to be an awesome companion!