October 8, 2013
October 8, 2013


Here is an update from Harley’s foster Mom April 27/09 ( Harley is now 10 weeks old)
Harley may not have received a lot of human contact in the first few weeks of life so he needs continuous firm and gentle handling . Although he loves people we have had to work on his getting used to being picked up and restrained ( so he doesn’t become too independent and aloof. He’s not that bad, just headstrong and wiggles to get away. Even though he is quite confident with my other pup he tends to shy away from other dogs that he meets. He will sometimes back off and bark at an approaching dog so he needs to continue being introduced in a positive manner to lots of different dogs. He still needs a little gentle persuasion to get started on his leash walks but once he gets going walks really well. He is also well on his way to being housetrained. Still has a few peeing accidents in the house but is now going to the door himself, so really any accidents are the usual human error. However, if you don’t see him sitting at the door he has started to bark in order to get your attention. IN other words he is a very smart dog, He is still quite vocal about being separated from his people but is slowly getting used to us coming and going . He is very well behaved when left on his own in his room but I think he just goes into a separation anxiety sleep mode waiting for our return. So he will need to continue learning to be left on his own in short gradual periods. Of course he is still a baby but because his base personality is confident and independent he could have the tendency to develop a lot of bad habits. So with the correct human guidance (i.e. – socialization and leadership) he will grow up to a great dog and the perfect companion for the right person.
If YOU think that you can give Harley all that he needs, please contact us for an application Harley was found in a farmers yard abandoned. He is only 7 weeks old. This sweet boy will be in foster care for another while but we are now ready to start accepting applications for the evil one. We are getting to know Harley and what his needs are. 1) Harley needs someone who can be around most of the time. He does get anxious when he can’t see his people. Who knows how old he was when he was taken from him mom or how many people have lived with him. But he is happier when there is someone around. 2) Mr. Wiggle Butt needs another dog. A calm tolerant dog that will continue to teach him proper etiquette. 3) His new owners must have big dog experience. While we are doing everything that we can to make sure Harley is a well adjusted puppy, he will grow into a large and confident dog 4) And as with all of our pups, puppy/obedience classes are mandatory. This is not negotiable. 5) All our dogs are adopted to Pet Only homes. This means that our dog must live in the house with you. If you are interested in adopting this sweet little boy drop us a line at