October 8, 2013
October 8, 2013



Jasmine has seen the best of both lives. When she was very young she must have been socialized with people, dogs and kids. Because she really does love them all. (she is a little too much for cats). But at sometime she was left on a chain to fend for herself. This young girl came into care starved of food and affection. She was found abandoned up north with no one to care for her. But with love and vet care she is ready for her new life.
we would like a family for Jasmine. One that included an older child and another dog for companion. She is currently getting taught how to walk on a leash and an upgrade of housebreaking. She is a little girl (about 60 lbs) of mixed heritage. If you are looking for a sweet dog to add to your family please contact us at wcrr.info@gmail.com