January 23, 2014
February 19, 2014


came into care with his sister Bonnie.
They were found tied to a porch north of Terrace BC with no food or
water.  They were hunger, cold, and
dehydrated when they were found.  Had
they been left there much longer they would have died.

Clyde is a fun filled boy that is outgoing and full of himself.  Like Bonnie, he plays hard and can be a
little vocal at times but nothing serious.
Clyde would do best as a second dog.
He would benefit from learning from an adult about how to be the best he
can be.  Clyde has met a cat and when the
cat hissed at him he thought it would be best to leave it alone.

This boy will be neutered before adoption, is up to date on his vaccinations,
is house trained and crate trained.  Obedience
lessons with one of our many approved trainers is necessary.  It not only teaches him what he needs to know
but it also teaches you about him and is a great way to bond. Clyde is
available to an inside home, where he will get to sleep near his people and be
a part of the family.