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May 2, 2014
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June 2, 2014



Nelly was surrendered to another rescue and we were asked to take her.  We believe that she is a single breed rottweiler that simply has long hair.  But really it doesn’t matter at all to us, because Nelly Bear is a sweetheart and we love her.


This 9 yr old spayed female is obese.  Nelly weighs about 120 lbs and should weigh about 80.  We are working at gentle exercise such as short walks and swimming.  She is on a low calorie food mixed with simple green beans.   Not her favorite food, but at this point we MUST get Nelly’s weight down.  Nelly is also getting pain meds to deal with the pain in her joints.

Nelly is good with other dogs but they must know that she simply wants to be left alone.  She is too big and sore to want to play.  Her feet show signs of arthritis and we know that her legs are weak.   Caring for Nelly is not an easy task.  She can not do more then 2 or 3 stairs, she can only manage walks up to about 20 minutes (and those are slow).  Apparently Our Nelly Bear has lived with cats but we have not tested her with them.
Our wish for Nelly is a home where someone will work at her weight loss program, will understand that she has lots of love to give and that can manage a large slow dog.  While Nelly likes children, we think its best to have her in a more quiet home without all the coming and going children bring.  Nelly Belly is clean in the house and does not bark or chew but she does sometimes howl in her sleep.  If you would like to know more about adopting Nelly or if you would like to donate to her ongoing vet care and weight loss program, please contact us at