We are a small and dedicated group in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. In 2008, Bev and Jim Inglis gathered some friends together to help with a vision. That vision was to work with Rottweilers and Rottweiler crosses that no one else was helping with. We wanted to take on those who were old and or sick. Shelters will often not keep these dogs for long as a cold shelter is no place for an old dog. While we could not fix them all, we were able to start helping a few. We opened a bank account and started to fund raise.

We have managed to grow since that time and it is because those that stand beside us share the same vision. We first got our non profit status and have now gotten our charity status.

How It All Started…

Like many, Jim and I had preconceived ideas about the Rottweiler. I had heard they were a viscous breed not to be trusted. We have all seen the pictures of tightly controlled guard dogs. Why would anyone want to bring one into their home, never mind starting a rescue dedicated to this breed.

It all started because of a little white dog that we owned. She was the one that first fell in love with a Rottweiler. She was the one that would not let any other dogs near her. And it was our love for her that prompted us to open our home and then our hearts to an old Rottweiler from a shelter. Old Man Luke had been thru many homes before ours, but he maintained his trust in people. He was calm and kindhearted. And he taught us that there was more to this breed then we thought. Old Man Luke died after only 18 months in our home. And he taught us that there was more to this breed then we thought.

There were more rottweilers that came to us. And from each one we learned just a little more. And while there were rescues dedicated to almost all the breeds, we could not find a rescue that was helping Rottweilers and Rottweiler crosses. After many years of watching good dogs die in the shelters because no one wanted them, we gathered some friends together to start West Coast Rottweiler Rescue. To this day we remain a small dedicated group that takes Rottweilers out of the shelters and into our foster homes. We give them vet care, we give them training, and we give them a second chance at a life.

We believe that owners needing to find new homes for their dogs are capable of doing this themselves and that our focus needs to stay on the dogs in shelters in danger of losing their lives. Because of this, we can not take your personal dog. We can make suggestions and offer support, but your dogs life is your responsibility.

Beverly Inglis    President