West Coast Rottweiler Rescue is closed for intake. But while we won’t be taking in any (or a very few) dogs, we continue to be active in Rescue. Stay tuned for updates. If you have ever adopted a dog from us and need help please email us at wcrr.info@gmail.com. We are always here to help our pups no matter how long you have had them

  • Not all Rescues are good
    http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-animal-rescue-big-and-small-concerns-1.4422426 I don’t often post crap about other rescues.  I have my own opinion and for the most part I post it on my own facebook […]
  • Today I am going to vent
    People often ask me why I am so opposed to groups that import dogs.  And here is why. Often they bring up a bunch of dogs.  […]