Dogs end up at a shelter or rescue for a variety of reasons.  It doesn’t mean they are aggressive or abused, but many are abandoned and neglected.  Often the shelters contact us because of problems that the dogs are experiencing there only because they are fearful or sick and may be acting out.  WCRR has heard so very many excuses for dogs ending up in shelters.

  • We’re having a baby
  • Got the dog for my kids and they don’t look after it
  • We are moving to an apartment
  • She/He won’t listen and I can’t train it.
  • The dog is digging up the flowerbeds and jumping the fence when left outside all day
  • The old dog doesn’t like the new puppy
  • Its too big and it sheds too much
  • He/She is getting old and sick and I don’t want to spend the money on it.
  • Dog keeps having puppies