The gift is in the goodbye

Fostering is the life blood of every rescue organization.  Without this very special service we could not do what we do.  In order for us to find the very best home for each individual dog we need to get them out of shelters and find out what their personality is really like.  Foster homes allow us to do that.

It is not easy work.  It can be unsettling to bring a large strange dog into your home.  You need to make sure that everyone and all the other pets are ok with this.  But you will never be alone in the process.  We promise that we are there to help in any way possible.

And one of the hardest parts is letting that dog go when the time comes.  None of us open our hearts and our homes to these dear animals and then let them go without a little sadness.  But the joy of knowing that we have helped save a life and found that life a wonderful place helps with our sadness.

Here are some of the questions we get asked often:

  • What does a foster home do?

A foster is a temporary placement for dogs in a rescue. The foster home will be responsible for basic housetraining, socialization, health care.

  • What about expenses?

Any expenses you are expected to cover yourself depend on the program you are in. WCRR will cover the cost of veterinary care, obedience classes if needed, food, collars, leashes.  You will be given a contract that lays out all these stipulations.


  • How long does a foster dog stay?

This can vary greatly. An older dog in the golden years of his life may be with you until the end, but a puppy may only be in your home for a few weeks. In the case of rehabilitation programs, the dog or puppy may only be with you as long as it takes to be declared adoptable.

  • What if the foster dog doesn’t get along with others in the family?

If this happens, you must notify the organization that placed the dog with you. They will help you overcome the situation, whether it requires additional training, or another placement. The program will take care not to place a dog with you that are not ready to handle.

  • Do I get to choose the dog I foster?

Dogs are brought into care straight from a shelter based on the need.  We will do everything in our power to ensure that it is a good fit but can not guarantee you will get a certain dog.

  • Can I keep the dog I foster

Yes, you certainly can, in almost every situation. It happens quite often, and this is one of the reasons that foster homes are in short supply.