Today I am going to vent
October 18, 2017

I don’t often post crap about other rescues.  I have my own opinion and for the most part I post it on my own facebook page or to my rescue friends.    But here is an example of a rescue gone wrong.
This isn’t how it is suppose to happen.  For anyone that has ever adopted from me, you know that we are pretty particular about where our dogs go and how they live.  And we try to stay in touch for the life of the dog.
If you are adopting from a rescue and the following things are not done before you get your dog, run.
There is an application.  You should have to fill it out and if applicable the rescue will contact you
There should be a conversation about that application.   Questions, answers, any concerns should be talked about
There should be a home visit.  That doesn’t mean we inspect your home.  It means we come and see where the dog would live, how busy the house is, is there a secure fence, or would the dog need to be walked all the time  We talk about training and food and what you want from this animal.  We don’t judge if your house needs to be dusted.  We want to see how you interact with the dog(s).
Only if we decide to place an animal with you do we send the contract.  We never ask for money before the adoption if finalized.   Sometimes you are asked to foster to adopt so we can address any medical or behavioural issues.  No one is ever rushed into adoption.  We try to make this as positive as possible because we (you and the rescue) need to stay in touch.
We will provide you with as much medical information as we have.  we try to be open and honest as we can.
Ask your friends if anyone has heard about the rescue.  What have they heard.   Good bad?   learn as much as you can.  Because if the dog you bring into your home creates a problem, you need to work with that rescue to solve it.
Websites are easy to design.   And you can say anything you want on them.  But actions are what counts.
The adage, Buyer Beware also applies in Animal Rescue organization.